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Just kidding about the dating app.
But the first 100 people to commit will receive a free 'Not Afraid To Commit' t-shirt

If you're, or you want to be, not afraid to commit, sign-up and get a personalized 29-minute Continuous Deployment-as-a-Service demo!

See how Armory's declarative deployment orchestration can improve your developer experience, accelerate your innovation and time-to-market, and increase your stability.

We'll send you a free t-shirt as a thank you for your time.

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“It's simple and incredibly effective. In a single afternoon I set it up then ran 500 deployments, a dozen different ways, and it never struggled at all. It was easy to take to people and say 'Armory works, it solves our exact problem' and move forward.“

Ben Moody, DevOps, Tesouro

Who is Armory?

Deploying software should be as easy as commit, deploy, repeat. At Armory, we firmly believe that, and, we make that a reality.

Far too often, we hear from developers, DevOps practitioners, and organizations that they don't commit changes on Fridays, or certain days of the week, month, year... because they are afraid of the potential negative impact it might have on their customers and staff that are spending their after-hours time troubleshooting what on earth went wrong when everything worked in dev.

We created this t-shirt for the people and organizations that have embraced Continuous Deployment as a competitive advantage, to wear proudly. The ones that put developer experience first; the ones that have accelerated their innovation and time-to-market, increased their stability, reliability, and agility; the ones that continue to improve their customers' experience and disrupt markets!

We want you to be one of the people that wear the Not afraid to commit t-shirt proudly, regardless of which tools you're using. If you're responsible for deploying code to production click below to get your free t-shirt!

Not Afraid to commit T Shirt image

The first 100 people to commit will receive a free 'Not Afraid To Commit' t-shirt